Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Green - Become a Detectorist!!

A question asked of me quite often, mostly from those people who don't quite "get" metal detecting, is, "Don't you ever get tired of digging trash?"  Truthfully?  Yes, at times it is very discouraging.  Nothing is so disappointing as thinking you are digging a coin only to pull out yet another aluminum can, bottle cap, or gum wrapper.  

When I first began metal detecting I was warned..."you have to remove the trash before you can uncover the treasures."  In my three years of metal detecting I have certainly removed a lot of trash from the ground.  Bags of trash, in fact.  Of course, it is tempting to pass over a signal that, mostly likely, is just another pull tab.  But as discouraging as it sometimes is, at the end of the day, to have a pouch full of trash, it is also satisfying to know that I am doing my part for the environment.  I like knowing that when I have detected a local park or playground, I am leaving the area somewhat cleaner - both above ground and below.  And yes, sometimes I am even rewarded with a few coins for my trouble.

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  1. Great attitude, Rikki! Couldn't agree more. In fact, just before tonight's storm, I was out digging in my yard again. Got another pile of nails, completing about 7 lbs. of them now. But I know there's other good stuff there, because I've dug it. So, I keep on keepin' on, and now I'll think of myself as a friendly trash person, as well. :)